Dr Tulsi Desai, USA

Jun 16 2019

Manya Mistry, a student of std 8 (Eng Med)

Jan 22 2019

Janki Trivedi, a CA student

Dec 25 2018

Utsavi Kapadia

Dec 25 2018

Hello sir, First of all, thank you very much for not only teaching me English but also helping me to understand what English is. I have known you for many years as one of my great neighbors and one of the best teachers who actually loves English. When I didn't get desired band in my IELTS exam, let me tell you sir, you were the one who improved my English and helped me to get the required band score. You are so supportive and flexible that you helped me from India while I was in the US in improving my English. Though, I couldn't be in regular touch with you but I follow your posts regularly. I am very grateful that I got a chance to be your student. Thank you sir and I am sure your efforts will reach new heights and help many students like me.

Bhumi Salat

Dec 26 2018

A very good institute to learn English.

Mann Dhanik, A BBA student

Dec 15 2018

Prof Jayesh Savaliya

Dec 15 2018

Hello everyone, I joined personalised teaching sessions of Dr Dharmendra Sheth for my GPSC interview preparation. During that training, I got to learn so many new things in the English language which I'd never dreamed about. Thanks Dr Dharmendra Sheth for your help and guidance.

Sarfaraz Ansari. Bcom,CS

Apr 04 2018

Hello Sir! I take this opportunity to thank you for being my teacher to improve my English language skills. You are one of the best teachers I have come across in my life. You not only taught English but gave many value-addition lessons for success and happiness in life. Your teaching techniques are great. Wish you good luck for new venture!

Anupama Desai, Content Writer, Bangalore

Dec 10 2017

Dr Rajesh Shah, Medical Practitioner

Dec 10 2017

Pooja Shah, MA English, Teacher

Dec 10 2017

Mr Shailesh Kunjadiya, Assistant, District Court, Surat

Dec 08 2017

Hello sir, we know that you are the best in this field. You are not only a teacher of English but also a good motivator. My life has completely changed after your lessons of life in English. I hope you achieve great success in your chosen field. All the best. Thank you once again.

Dr Manish Patel, homoeopath

Dec 10 2017

Sanket Vatavwala, PhD scholar at IIM

Apr 11 2018

World is increasingly becoming a melting pot… or a salad bowl with variety of quality ingredients. If communication may be considered as a salad bowl, it is the various languages which may be considered as its quality ingredients. A salad bowl consists of cucumbers, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and what not! Likewise, communication primarily consists of various languages. Be it Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, Chinese, German, French, Swahili and indeed, or as they say, Queen’s English. In today’s times, English is one such language which is spoken widely, cutting across geographical boundaries. It has become a language of common men and that of business. A professor of Harvard Business School, writes “Global Business Speaks English” and describes how English is mandated at all major corporate houses across major economies. China made substantial efforts to push its people to learn English. The whole idea is to become globalist and liberate oneself from the narrow confines of linguistic boundaries, if any. I hope Fluentlingua may help you touch skies.

Mr Nilesh Thanki, Landscaper, Surat

Dec 10 2017

Anupama Desai, Content Writer, Bangalore

Dec 10 2017

Hello Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching me. It was so wonderful to attend all your classes. Well, “Thank you” is a small phrase for what you’ve done/been doing for society. You’re giving a whole new dimension to people’s lives. What can I say about your teaching style? It’s definitely a unique style which none can imitate. You make us confident learners and users of English language. I experienced a whole new joy of learning and appreciating the English language. Your vast knowledge, unique techniques with which you impart it, your modesty, and many other distinctive qualities make you a gem of a person. People must meet you and interact with you to understand what I’m saying. I won’t forget your continuous insistence (“aagrah”) on learning from authentic sources.   I am very grateful to you for all your teachings. I will keep learning, improving and enjoying English language. Sir, please keep inspiring us as you always do. Thank you very very much. Best Regards, Anupama Desai

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