Kankotiya nivid

Apr 04 2019

Kankotiya nivid

Apr 04 2019

Hasmukh Umaria, a Spoken English and IELTS Trainer in Surat

Dec 22 2018

Selina Benday, A teacher of English and German

Jun 18 2018

Hiren Bhatt, ELT expert from Ahmedabad

Jan 03 2018

Dipak Patel, Programmer analyst, US

Dec 23 2017

Mr Piyush Bhatt, Well-known teacher & director from Navsari

Dec 24 2017

Nirav U Mehta

Dec 10 2017

Dharmendra Sheth, DRS for me since 1991, is someone who embodies courage, courage to go forth and seek to fulfill the dream! Few would have dared to take the step he took but today he has reached the pinnacle of mountain he choose to climb! Best of Luck to you and all involved in this new venture!

Dr. Krushika Shah, Physiotherapist and Yoga Expert in Pune

Dec 10 2017

Hi, If your schooling is from Gujarati medium, you immediately realise on the first day of your college the value of knowing rather speaking English! But that wasn't the case with me. Even though I studied via the vernacular (Gujarati medium) from the 1st standard to the 12th, one thing I surely did was joining Dharmendra sir's spoken English classes in every summer vacation. I remember how he turned English learning lessons into some fun activities. Nothing then seemed difficult at all. At a very young age, he gifted me a very important habit, which I still follow religiously; and that is Reading. Once in class he asked us a question: What would you do if you wanted to be happy? After listening to everyone's answer, he told us his answer: I would buy, beg, borrow or steal a book and read it! Though it was in fun, the message was loud and clear. Since then, I have been reading voraciously, and that habit has definitely helped me a lot in every aspect of my life, from personal to professional! Of course, by the end of my schooling, I had reached a phase where I was able to read, write and understand, but couldn't talk fluently in English! But again thanks to him, I didn't struggle much there--I easily acquired fluency in no time with his help! I understood that grammar, fluency, vocabulary, diction—these are all different aspects of just one thing—a good command of English. Well, I would go to the extent of saying that he has built my character. And I am sure all his students will agree with me when I say that he has helped us to form good habits and taught us ethical and moral values. He inspires me to follow my passion and to think out of the box to achieve something great. I really enjoy meeting him and having quality conversations over various topics. You are a genius, sir. I wish you all the very best for this new beginning “Fluentlingua”! I wish you a lot of success. And I am sure, many more lives are waiting to be moulded. Best wishes, Krushika Dr Krushika Shah

Dr Vijay Manu Patel, Incharge Principal, Smt. V. D. Desai (Wadiwala) School, Bhulka Bhavan Trust, Surat

Apr 04 2018

Mr Bhautik Sheth, Founder, iVipanan, Digital Marketing Company

Dec 22 2018

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