My Strength

My Strength A poem written and recited by Dharmendra Sheth, Founder, Fluentlingua, Surat
My Strength 
by Dharmendra Sheth, 
       Founder, Fluentlingua, Surat
     When I'm down in the dumps, I just think about you; I look at you in my mind's eye, I see you smile, and I regain my lost confidence. 
     Let me confess your absence is discomfiting; my every nerve and cell knows it.
     Where do you get the inexhaustible power to empower me, while you yourself have to fight a billion battles within, and deal with a trillion whys!
     What's your source of infinite power? What makes you smile despite a million pangs? What is your strength a tiny bit of which is plenty for me?
     You seem to have some divine gift that lifts your spirits despite all odds; you smile and boost my morale where a pygmy like me would perish.
     Well, you are my strength, you are!

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