Idioms Set 2 (from 51 to 100)

Mastering idioms will take your spoken and written English to the next level. Enjoy learning and using idioms.
50 Idioms (Set 2)
51. feel a bit under the weather
52. give sb a dose/taste of their own medicine
53. give sb the benefit of the doubt
54. have an ounce of decency /sense
55. have sth up your sleeve 
56. have/hold all the aces 
57. hear sth on 
the grapevine
58. helter-skelter
59. hit the nail on the head
60. hit the sack/sheets/hay
61. hold the fort (for sb)
62. hold your horses 
63. I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse 
64. in the heat of the moment
65. it takes two to tango
66. jump on the bandwagon
67. keep sth at bay
68. kill two birds with one stone
69. let sleeping dogs lie
70. let the cat out of the bag 
71. like two peas in a pod
72. look daggers at sb 
73. make/cut a long story short
74. miss the boat
75. not playing with a full deck
76. off the cuff
77. off your rocker
78. on cloud nine 
79. once in a blue moon
80. patient as Job
81. plan B
82. play devil’s advocate
83. pull the wool over sb’s eyes
84. see eye to eye
85. sit on the fence
86. speak/talk of the devil
87. spread like wildfire
88. steal sb’s thunder
89. steal the limelight/show/scene
90. straight from the horses mouth
91. take sth with a pinch/grain of salt
92. the ball is in your court
93. the best of both worlds
94. the best thing since sliced bread
95. the cards are stacked against sb
96. the whole nine yards
97. there's method in/to your madness
98. when pigs fly
99. worth one’s salt 
100. you can’t judge a book by its cover

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