Idioms Set 1 (from 1-50)

Learn idioms to become an effective communicator in English.
  1. a load/weight off your mind
  2. a penny for your thoughts
  3. a piece of cake
  4. add insult to injury
  5. as long as your arm
  6. as old as the hills
  7. at daggers drawn
  8. at sixes and sevens
  9. at the drop of a hat
  10. avoid sth like the plague
  11. go back to the drawing board
  12. barking up the wrong tree
  13. be a far cry from sth
  14. be as fresh as a daisy
  15. be as old as Methuselah
  16. be as poor as a church mouse
  17. be glad to see the back of
  18. be in seventh heaven
  19. be left holding the baby
  20. be like chalk and cheese
  21. be like a red rag to a bull
  22. be on the ball
  23. be the bee’s knees
  24. be the last straw
  25. be up to scratch
  26. beat around the bush
  27. bite off more than you can chew
  28. black and blue
  29. blessing in disguise
  30. break a leg
  31. burn the midnight oil
  32. carve out a niche for oneself
  33. cast pearls before swine
  34. castles in the air
  35. come hell or high water
  36. come rain or shine
  37. cost an arm and a leg
  38. cross that bridge when you come to it
  39. cry over spilt milk
  40. curiosity killed the cat
  41. cut corners
  42. not cut the mustard
  43. don’t give up the day job
  44. don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  45. down in the dumps
  46. dressed (up) to the nines
  47. drop sb/sth like a hot potato
  48. eat like a horse
  49. every cloud has a silver lining
  50. fall between two stools

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