Confusing word partners

Many words in English look or sound alike. It’s easy to get them confused. Enjoy reading the following *vocab gems*. Do please share them with others in your circle.

  1. I *wonder* a lot when my mind starts to *wander*.
  2. I sympathise with you if the *principal* of your institute is without *principles*.
  3. It's okay if you can't speak *snacks* and *snakes* properly, but don't *snack* on *snakes*.
  4. I am totally confused about *confusibles* and *confusables*.
  5. Make a *conscious* effort to learn the difference between *cautious* and *conscientious*.
  6. I *accept* that, *except* a few like you and me, everyone *expects* more than they deserve.
  7. If you are *adept*, you will find it easy to *adapt* yourself to new environments.
  8. It seems true that *abundant* things that we possess are actually *redundant*.
  9. You are bound to face problems if your *same* and *shame* sound the same.
  10. *Aspiration* demands *perspiration*.
  11. If you are in a dilemma about how the word *dilemma* is pronounced, or if you can use *over* in place of *about* after the word *dilemma*, you aren’t alone.
  12. It is my *disinterested* advice to you that you should not be completed *uninterested* in vocabulary.
  13. I don’t think you should be *indifferent* to the difference between *differ* and *defer*.
  14. If you speak *bury* and *berry* differently, you’re making a terrible mistake.
  15. If you don’t give *assent* to my *ascent* to the presidency, you will be in trouble.
  16. What a *bizarre* incident to see a zebra in the *bazaar*!
  17. If you release the *brake* now, it will *break* someone’s leg.
  18. I don’t want to listen to your *coarse* jokes during the *course*.
  19. The *council* failed to give proper *counsel*.
  20. Taking *cue* from the long *queue*, I decided not to go to the *quay*.

Dharmendra Sheth,
Founder, Fluentlingua,


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