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Crash courses offered at Fluentlingua are an ideal way to learn maximum amount in the shortest possible time and at the most effective price. Usually a crash course consists of around 15 to 20 sessions in small batches of maximum 5 students. Each course is taught by an experienced trainer who specialises in a particular field. We would be glad to design a course, exclusively for you, if you like.

Why crash courses? Well, language learners differ from one another. Some are introverted, some are extroverted. Some are shy, some are outgoing. Some like to study online, some like to study in the classroom situation, and some others like to study using books. Some prefer group coaching, some are happy studying alone. Some want to learn everything step by step and some would like just their doubts cleared. Crash courses for English and foreign languages are ideal for those who want personalised attention and guidance. The chief advantage of crash courses is that the learner does not have to wait for other learners in the class to understand the topic. If he has understood it, he can go ahead. That saves valuable time. Moreover, if the learner feels that he needs more guidance or practice in a particular area of language, he can get it. In sum, the learner can have a tailor-made course.

Do contact us for your language requirements and we will design a course that will cater for your needs.

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